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Topic subjectso I slept real hard on Hiatus Kaiyote
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3011849, so I slept real hard on Hiatus Kaiyote
Posted by Options, Mon Nov-26-18 07:48 AM
I've been completely aware of this group for a minute. I saw the posts here, read their feature in Wax Poetics, watched random video clips. I even *saw them live* back in 2013 (accompanying a friend who was a fan). I liked everything I heard, so why didn't I take the time to do a proper deep dive?

I dunno. but last week, while diggin' in one of my regular spots, I heard some audio bliss over the store's speakers and went to the counter to see what was playing. Choose Your Weapon.

why did I sleep on this??

I'm only on 2 full spins so far, but what's interesting is that things actually *pick up* halfway through; by the time you get to side C (circa Atari), it feels like the party is just getting started. and The Lung?! uuunngh~~ disgusting.

hand me a late pass. not sure why I held off, but I'm kinda glad I "discovered" them organically and away from the hype (as I remember there being quite a lot of it).

addendum: I still need time to digest this LP, but what's the consensus on Nai Palm's solo?