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Topic subjectso I slept real hard on Hiatus Kaiyote
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3011849, so I slept real hard on Hiatus Kaiyote
Posted by Options, Mon Nov-26-18 07:48 AM
I've been completely aware of this group for a minute. I saw the posts here, read their feature in Wax Poetics, watched random video clips. I even *saw them live* back in 2013 (accompanying a friend who was a fan). I liked everything I heard, so why didn't I take the time to do a proper deep dive?

I dunno. but last week, while diggin' in one of my regular spots, I heard some audio bliss over the store's speakers and went to the counter to see what was playing. Choose Your Weapon.

why did I sleep on this??

I'm only on 2 full spins so far, but what's interesting is that things actually *pick up* halfway through; by the time you get to side C (circa Atari), it feels like the party is just getting started. and The Lung?! uuunngh~~ disgusting.

hand me a late pass. not sure why I held off, but I'm kinda glad I "discovered" them organically and away from the hype (as I remember there being quite a lot of it).

addendum: I still need time to digest this LP, but what's the consensus on Nai Palm's solo?

3011850, They're pretty much my favorite band
Posted by Hitokiri, Mon Nov-26-18 10:12 AM
Nai Palm's solo record is okay. But really just makes me want another HK record.
3011853, ...and an incredible live band...
Posted by bentagain, Mon Nov-26-18 11:20 AM
I wish Nai Palm the best and hope she makes a full recovery

When/if they tour again...get to a show

All those switches and changes are even more impressive live.
3011900, RE: ...and an incredible live band...
Posted by Options, Mon Nov-26-18 07:33 PM
>I wish Nai Palm the best and hope she makes a full recovery

wait, what?

(I remember really enjoying the show, which makes it all the more strange that I didn't follow up)
3011909, Diagnosed with breast cancer
Posted by justin_scott, Mon Nov-26-18 10:31 PM
And her mother passed from it
3011910, :(
Posted by Options, Mon Nov-26-18 10:34 PM
3013121, The Makings of You
Posted by Options, Mon Jan-07-19 07:18 PM
Nai covering Curtis Mayfield (along with Paul Bender on guitar) from her hospital bed post-surgery >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7eC9MHadZt0&app=desktop
3011855, Me too
Posted by stone_phalanges, Mon Nov-26-18 12:46 PM
I'm still sleeping though. Don't know why.
3011901, RE: Me too
Posted by Options, Mon Nov-26-18 07:36 PM
well, stop sleeping. give them 10 minutes of your time. you just might love it, take it from me.
3011962, If you don't listen to anything else
Posted by snacks, Tue Nov-27-18 09:25 PM
Check out the track "Nakammara" (sp?)

I Shazam'd it during a DJ set (it was the remix w Q-Tip) a few years ago and the rest was history for me
3011968, RE: If you don't listen to anything else
Posted by drhodes777, Tue Nov-27-18 10:28 PM
>Check out the track "Nakammara" (sp?)
>I Shazam'd it during a DJ set (it was the remix w Q-Tip) a few
>years ago and the rest was history for me

Yes,this did it for me too, the original, never heard that remix.
3011869, Check out their awesome debut
Posted by justin_scott, Mon Nov-26-18 02:41 PM
And Nia's album was very good, but doesn't top a Hiatus album, imho
3011951, also don't sleep on Clever Austin
Posted by apex, Tue Nov-27-18 05:38 PM
this is the alias project of the HK drummer and producer (forgot his real name)...

if you are into beat scene type of vibes, this tape is one of the most unique that i have heard in that lane...

it is NOT HK regurgitated... so if you don't like "beat tapes", don't bother...

3011972, this was CLUTCH, thanks!
Posted by IsaIsaIsa, Tue Nov-27-18 11:52 PM

3011977, nice
Posted by Options, Wed Nov-28-18 09:38 AM
I like the 'out there'-ness of it. copped part 2 from this as well as his track from an Australian comp called Drum Suite that Bandcamp recommended.
3011984, Just in case this fell through the cracks too: The Antidote
Posted by jigga, Wed Nov-28-18 11:26 AM
3012015, Anyone familiar with The Putbacks?
Posted by Af-1, Thu Nov-29-18 05:08 AM
HK keyboardist Simon Mavin has a side project with a funk & soul band The Putbacks on Hopestreet Recordings.

They have an album backing a singer called Emma Donovan from 2014 but The Putbacks album just came out and is produced by HK's Paul Bender.

The lead single features Bilal and is this crazy psychedlic funk record not like anything I've heard from Bilal before:


3012056, yo--!
Posted by Options, Thu Nov-29-18 08:36 PM
this is good stuff, and only a few weeks old.

the HK well goes ever deeper!
3017382, i slept
Posted by isaaaa, Mon Jul-01-19 05:19 PM

Anti-gentrification, cheap alcohol & trying to look pretty in our twilight posting years (c) Big Reg
3012016, There's also Swooping Duck...
Posted by Af-1, Thu Nov-29-18 05:24 AM
This is another offshoot project comprised of the 3 band members (minus Nai Palm). A mixtape was due in 2018 but this track from 2016 is all I can found so far:

3012018, 'Tawk Tomahawk' free remix DL
Posted by Af-1, Thu Nov-29-18 05:46 AM
Remixes by Shafiq, MdCL, Miles Bonny & loads more...

3013049, RE: so I slept real hard on Hiatus Kaiyote
Posted by Dupree90, Fri Jan-04-19 10:35 PM
Can you talk a little more about not catching on during the "hype"? I hear a lot of people talk about this. Does what people think/say affect if you like something or not. Or do you just not want to be listening to something everyone else is listening to?
3013086, sure
Posted by Options, Mon Jan-07-19 07:50 AM
it wasn’t a case of the buzz driving me away; as I said, I liked everything I heard. I guess it just didn’t make a big enough impression to motivate me to seek out more of their stuff. I think this second time just happened to catch me when I was more open to their music. stars in alignment, n’ all that.

what I meant by discovering it organically was that hearing it “in the wild” and independent of any friend's or tastemaker’s recommendation or via a forum post provided a nice, clean slate to fully form my own opinion. thinking about it now, I think that’s becoming more of a rarity because of the internet; it didn’t pop up in my Soundcloud feed or in someone’s Spotify playlist, I didn’t hear it in a show or movie I was watching and no one told me “you need to listen to this.” the staff in the store could’ve played literally anything and I just happened to be there when they played this. it’s like serendipity.

to be clear, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with those other methods of discovery, but something about this just seemed really *pure,* for lack of a better term.

to your point, I definitely think I’ve avoided some records/artists because of hype in the past, maybe subconciously, maybe not. I can't tell you exactly why; I don't really care what others think about what I like. in this particular case, after already hearing and liking the music, finding out it was by a band I’d heard so many great things about in the past made it that much easier to break out my wallet.

for music nerds, maybe there really is a sweet spot for buzz — just enough people talking about something so that you still feel like one of the cool kids who catches on early. it's silly, of course, but that doesn't mean it doesn't play a factor for some.
3013233, RE: sure
Posted by Dupree90, Tue Jan-15-19 12:02 PM
3013112, I caught on to them in a round about way
Posted by spenzalii, Mon Jan-07-19 01:26 PM
Listening to Robert Glasper's Miles Davis tribute (Everything's Beautiful) and got mesmerized the vocal performance on 'Little Church'.That lead me to 'Breathing Underwater' and it's been a wrap for me ever since.
3017371, the culprit
Posted by Options, Mon Jul-01-19 08:56 AM
resurrecting this thread because after finally listening to Tawk Tomahawk, I now know WHY I slept on them: Nakamarra.

Nakamarra was the joint that everyone was talking about and really blew them up. I listened to it back then and while it was cool, it wasn't really anything wildly different or exciting enough to make me wanna hear more from them.

now that I've heard TT in its entirety, I'm actually a bit frustrated that Nakamarra's the joint people recommended because, IMO, it's the most "regular-"sounding song in their catalog, and is therefore a bit of an outlier.

I mean, I can't get mad at folks for liking what they like, and of course they're gonna pick the joint with the catchiest hook for the single, but had someone introduced me to this group via Malika or Breathing Underwater, I never woulda slept like I did. THAT'S some stuff I've never really heard before. diff'rent strokes, eh?
3017418, ^
Posted by mikediggz, Wed Jul-03-19 04:23 PM