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Topic subjectartists you subliminally compare in your mind
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3010221, artists you subliminally compare in your mind
Posted by SsenepoD, Mon Oct-08-18 02:40 AM
I've been running back some of my favorite albums from the year to sort of narrow down my go to playlists & noticed I had Black Milk's "Fever" & Oddisee's "Iceberg" running back & forth.

Then it hit me - I've always sort of paired them together throughout their career. i got into their music at about the same time, they were producing random cuts for other artists I liked, I felt they were better beatmakers than producers (& rappers). they put out projects I liked, their production really evolved every time out, they got so much better as rappers. every year they've ended up in my favorite projects. I realized I always sort of compared them to each other, in a sense of seeing them on the same kind of path.

others I do it bc of an intertwined past (Thurz & YO from UNI for example), or curren$y & whiz. etc.

Any artists like that for yall?