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3006697, Brainiac
Posted by PG, Wed Jun-20-18 11:20 AM
picked it up a couple weeks ago.... really digging this album.... that is all, carry on.
3006716, Wait...like the early 90's band from Dayton? Tim Taylor?
Posted by kajsidog, Wed Jun-20-18 05:16 PM
If so my mind's blown. Was actually just thinking about them this morning, one of NIN's new songs sounded like them.
3006782, lol no sorry to blow your coincidence.. mr mfxquire album from last year or
Posted by PG, Fri Jun-22-18 11:03 AM
maybe the year before without looking... my latest fav right now.
3012322, still fucking great.. somebody put me up on him here
Posted by PG, Wed Dec-05-18 08:52 PM
couple years ago... huzzah pt2 I think was the introduction... anyways love this guy.. if you don't know you should check him out.. if you do where TF are you... tell me so.. try and latepass me or something.