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Topic subjectStop the presses, Gum may have just 'dropped the mic'...
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2895143, Stop the presses, Gum may have just 'dropped the mic'...
Posted by Voodoochilde, Sun Aug-03-14 07:50 AM
>Anita Baker, the star of 'retro nouveau' R&B

now that i think about it, why NOT Anita Baker?
i mean, while her name typically NEVER comes up in 'when did this so called 'neo-soul' movement really start to make a splash.....

technically speaking, by my definition at least, you are probably right....why not Anita Baker back in the 80's??

....i mean, when ya think about her initial Songtress album...hell yeah, why NOT there?

<Voodochilde jumps up to give GumDrops a high five on this one>