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Topic subjectThe Neo-Soul era officially began
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2895032, The Neo-Soul era officially began
Posted by DigiSoul, Sat Aug-02-14 12:48 AM
with Baduizm as that is when the term was introduced to the public. I'm not saying that Soul II Soul is a neo-soul group. I'm saying that the music that they recorded in the '80s and '90s was informed by many of the same principles that the coming neo-soul generation would adopt. In other words, like the "neo" artists, Soul II Soul's music was guided by an appreciation of classic soul music (with added touches of reggae/dub), hip-hop music and the afro-centric lifestyle.

I have no qualms with anyone referring to Soul II Soul's music as hip-hop soul. The point that I'm making is that Soul II Soul's music is much too layered and diverse to fit the definition of hip-hop soul as stated in post #47. Aside from the drums, what else in their arrangements sounds like the sampled breaks and interpolations which form the basis of hip-hop track production?