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2894977, wow!!!
Posted by AFKAP_of_Darkness, Fri Aug-01-14 02:04 PM
>So, the man was apparently someone who was in the Kay-Gees who
>were related to Robert Kool Bell (he wrote and produced the
>Kay-Gees and was related to some on them) and they agreed to
>let Rachid say that Robert Kool Bell was Rachid's father when
>he actually was the son of the guy I was talking to that

Yeah, when imcvspl asked me who Rachid was, I was just about to answer "Robert Kool Bell's son..." So that was a hustle, huh?

It's weird... I always felt it was a strange connection anyway, and the way he used to offer the information back then was on some super-modest shit, like he was even annoyed that people had found out... I never understood how it benefited him to be associated with KATG anyway, since it only made people expect him to be at least a *little* bit funky... which he definitely was not.

I guess you're right to compare him more to Seal (albeit an "edgier" version of him) but for some reason I always compared him to Kelis. Not necessarily the "I hate you so much right now!!!" Kelis, but the "Suspended" Kelis... but yeah, I guess Kelis was way too, uh... "urban" to really make that a valid analogy.