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Posted by c71, Fri Aug-01-14 01:21 PM
>Remember Rachid, who was kinda like the male Kelis for a hot
>I know I still have his CD somewhere...

I don't think Rachid was like Kelis. He was like sorta like Seal meets .......uuuhhhh a little Terrence Trent D'arby or George Michaels. Trying to be a alternative pop/R&B I wouldn't call him neo-soul

I heard his CD "Prototype" over and over and over because I worked at Tower Records (village NYC) then.

An interesting thing is that one song on his CD, Rachid was talking about how his father was always away playing in a band and doing shows/tours and that hurt him as a child. It was said in the press that his father was Robert Kool Bell of Kool & the Gang.


One night at Tower Records I'm ringing up a purchase from a guy that looks like he's my father's age. I see he's buying a CD of the Kay-Gees, an east coast 70's funk band. I had bought the "Keep on Bumpin'"/"Masterplan" CD compilation myself a little while earlier.

So, I say to the guy "how's this CD?" He asked me if I heard the Kay-Gees. I said I bought the "MasterPlan" CD. He said that the Kay-Gee's had improved on the CD he was buying. He was buying the Rachid CD. I said: Robert Kool Bell is his father. The man said: "no, I'm his father".

So, the man was apparently someone who was in the Kay-Gees who were related to Robert Kool Bell (he wrote and produced the Kay-Gees and was related to some on them) and they agreed to let Rachid say that Robert Kool Bell was Rachid's father when he actually was the son of the guy I was talking to that night.