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Topic subjectThe name Rachid sounds familiar but I can't place it...
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2894967, The name Rachid sounds familiar but I can't place it...
Posted by imcvspl, Fri Aug-01-14 01:10 PM
>>but you take it and you take
>>Kelis' debut and you see the direction the industry chose.
>but I think there's something to be said about that...

Sony Work, who incidentally in 98 released Breath From Another which while I don't think people consider it neo-soul obviously influnenced Res which I'm pretty sure folks would include, got folded right as Cree's album dropped so that the money from that label could be put behind promoting J. Lo's debut.

I always blamed Kravitz for this because IMO (which is probably flawed but whatever) he could have stepped in at that point and ensured the album got a proper promotion cycle. But there was just a general mishandling of her image wise.

Kelis while there are obvious differences again IMO had the image which could have been made for Cree to a success level that would have at least kept her from abandoning music all together.

It's crazy I was working with teens at the time as a counselor and gave that album to coming of age girls who subsequently fell in love with it and gained the type of confidence so much of the other music at the time was stripping away from them.

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