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Topic subjectHome and birthplace can be 2 totally different things.
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2894755, Home and birthplace can be 2 totally different things.
Posted by SP1200, Thu Jul-31-14 02:04 PM
Philly is definitely not the birthplace, but they took to the sound

Home can be where it's enjoyed the most success and that's debatable.

But the vibe was happening all over.

The South definitely had a huge hand in the creation of neo soul.

Joi (the prototype neo soul album) out of Atlanta.

D out of Richmond.

Most of Baduizm was created by Dallas underground hip-hop producers.

Didn't realize that til I had a talk with one of the producers of the

He complained about how The Roots only had 2 tracks on Baduizm, but
Philly seemed to get the shine for the creation of that album over
Dallas and recognition of being a neo soul powerhouse.

Who's city's scene got the shine overall tho seemed like it depended
on the city's proximity to major labels and magazines.