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Topic subjectThat's not what you said at first, though.
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2894727, That's not what you said at first, though.
Posted by AFKAP_of_Darkness, Thu Jul-31-14 10:28 AM
>it's 2014 and you trying to argue this??? lolol.. Nigga a
>hundred people said Brown Sugar in this post before I did...as
>soon as I come in...here yo ass come...smh...
>If both Brown Sugar and Baduizm are Neo-Soul Albums...and
>Brown sugar came out 2 years before Baduizm..... then that
>would make Brown Sugar the first Neo-Soul album..

What you said was that "Brown Sugar was the first album to get the label neo-soul."

It wasn't.

The "neo-soul" tag was applied to Brown Sugar *retroactively*... when Brown Sugar came out, they really didn't have anything to call it.

It's similar to the way that when Sweet Sweetback's Baadassss Song! came out, it was not a Blaxploitation film. It was something new. But its success prompted Hollywood to make more movies that were similar to Sweetback, which they then described as "Blaxploitation" flicks.

retroactively, people think of Sweetback as part of the Blaxploitation cycle, which is okay in a loose sense. But if you were to say "Sweetback was the first movie to get the label Blaxploitation," you would be making a statement that is 100% categorically false. The first film to get the Blaxplitation label was Shaft. It's an objective fact, not one of opinion.

I have no problem with you saying Brown Sugar was the first neo-soul album. many others have said the same, myself included:


But you had to get fancy and try to make it about which album was first labeled as such, and you made a false statement. I corrected you. Take the correction and drive on.

and LOL at you saying that I came here because of you... obviously you can see I probably have more replies in this post that anybody, so this isn't like the way you actually respond to posts you otherwise would not have only because *I* am in there.