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Topic subjectThey messed up by trying to make it too much of an org
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2894609, They messed up by trying to make it too much of an org
Posted by imcvspl, Wed Jul-30-14 02:41 PM
If it remained more a loose umbrella that organized regular events it might still be here today. But at the end of the day it was all of the administrative stuff that brought it down because everyone wanted to be a part but no one wanted to handle the biz.

That said there was just so much talent, and pretty much all of the events were that shit. I also wonder how it would have faired if the internet was more wide spread. I mean ultimately it was the predecessor to OKP and Afro-Punk but there was no real platform for connection. It was really really grassroots just in NY so I can't imagine folk trying to connect with it from outside of the city. Though there were natural connections with Boston, Philly and Atlanta.

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