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Topic subjectErykah Badu is considered a neo-soul artist
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2894207, Erykah Badu is considered a neo-soul artist
Posted by DigiSoul, Mon Jul-28-14 06:53 PM
for marketing purposes. This is the widely accepted classification for her music. It's also widely accepted that neo-soul borrowed from hip-hop music in regards to production, arranging, performance and overall vibe. Some of her songs may contain more prominent hip-hop elements than others but I believe many agree that all of Erykah Badu's releases (Bag Lady remix and all) fall under the category of neo-soul.

How does this relate to our discussion? Please see my first reply to your comments. It appears that you have Soul II Soul placed in the hip-hop soul category based on the criteria that they utilized sampled rhythms that were at times also used in hip-hop recordings. While they did use sampled rhythms (layered with other percussion), the rest of their musical arrangements were highly sophisticated and were more than them just singing over beats.

If this is how you classify hip hop soul, that's fine. We can agree to disagree in that area.