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Topic subjectI don't mean post-hip-hop in the sense of 'after hip-hop'
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2894157, I don't mean post-hip-hop in the sense of 'after hip-hop'
Posted by AFKAP_of_Darkness, Mon Jul-28-14 02:36 PM
but more in the sense of "after the existence of hip-hop and living in a world where you must address its impact, whether positively or negatively"

So yeah... reaction, in a sense. Though I don't like "reaction" because that sounds confrontational and I don't think D and Badu were "confronting" hip-hop as such. They were kids who had hip-hop in their veins who just happened to decide to take a crack at soul. So their approach to soul couldn't help but be informed in some way by hip-hop ethos and attitude even if they weren't singing over "beats."