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Topic subjectThe hip-hop element can't be discounted.
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2894118, The hip-hop element can't be discounted.
Posted by AFKAP_of_Darkness, Mon Jul-28-14 01:38 PM
I tend to prefer saying "post-hip-hop" because it's not that I think that neo-soul needs to have hip-hop beats or cursing in the lyrics, but it has to have a certain sensibility that tells you that the artist is a hip-hop kid. House of Music ignores that and just straight time-travels back to 1974 and avoids addressing hip-hop altogether.

That's why I sometimes don't even like to think of Maxwell as a neo-soul artist as such because there was something about him (in the early days anyway) that almost suggested he didn't even like hip-hop that much. And his lineage could be traced straight back to Sade. Max was closer to the UK soul/jazz dance strain than many of his American peers... in fact, he frequently cited SIIS (and yes, TTT!) as his forebearers.