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Topic subjectI'm intrigued by this...
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2894114, I'm intrigued by this...
Posted by DigiSoul, Mon Jul-28-14 01:34 PM
as I think that there is a lot in "Keep on Movin'" that reminds me of the '70s. Does it sound like it was recorded in the '70's? No, but to me it does "sound" like a '70s record in regards to the melodies, harmonies and arrangements.

Look at Jill Scott's debut which may arguably be considered the peak of neo-soul. Other than that Moe Koffman sample used, I don't think that album sounds like the '70s. However, it does a very respectable job of capturing the spirit and vibe of what was happening in the '70s while re-imaging those ideas for a new generation.

You say you consider "Keep on Movin'" to be more related to hip-hop soul and not ne-soul. I consider neo and hip-hop soul to be the same thing. I'm interested in knowing your reasons for drawing a distinction between the two.