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Topic subjectI feel the same way.
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2894099, I feel the same way.
Posted by AFKAP_of_Darkness, Mon Jul-28-14 01:12 PM
>One of my biggest critiques of FKA Twigs (beyond the fact she
>prolly can't sing a lick) is that she doesn't have a danceable
>tune. IMHO if she did a dance joint with a well coreographed
>video she'd be the thing all the kids were talking about.
>Modern day aaliyah steeze.

Of course, I feel that way about most of these modern "soul" types like Drake, The Weeknd, Majid Jordan, James Fauntleroy, Johnny Rain, Frank Ocean etc. I really appreciate what they are bringing to the table but I just can't understand what they have against.... well, *funk.* I can only go so far with the detached, ambient thing.

Funny thing is that Twigs is by all accounts an amazing dancer. In fact, wasn't her introduction to the scene was one of the dancers for... Jessie J, I think?