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Topic subjectSetbacks and OD are still the best TDE releases to date...
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2873602, Setbacks and OD are still the best TDE releases to date...
Posted by The Mac, Tue Mar-04-14 05:16 PM
Nobody has topped those 2 releases since
2873612, LOFL
Posted by astralblak, Tue Mar-04-14 05:47 PM
jesus christ
2873654, Care to counter?
Posted by The Mac, Tue Mar-04-14 10:54 PM
Or you just wanna be an asshole today?
2873615, My favorite cycle of releases from them..
Posted by Original Juice, Tue Mar-04-14 06:21 PM
Those two and Longterm 2.

I wouldn't say they are the best by any means, but I do enjoy the creative energy displayed during that time by the label. Also, the production back then was much more "underground hip hop" based as opposed to having a heavy trap influence.

Q also had a smoother, much more subtle delivery on many of the songs..which he still displays from time to time now, but it just seems he is more in that YOCK YOCK mode more often than not nowadays.
2873616, Nah.
Posted by -DJ R-Tistic-, Tue Mar-04-14 06:37 PM
2873619, The obligatory "I liked them before they were popular!" proclamation
Posted by Oak27, Tue Mar-04-14 06:43 PM
2873636, ^^^
Posted by astralblak, Tue Mar-04-14 08:41 PM
2873638, Yupppp.
Posted by -DJ R-Tistic-, Tue Mar-04-14 08:58 PM
2873653, Its more of an observation than a proclamation.
Posted by The Mac, Tue Mar-04-14 10:54 PM
I'm not claiming to be a bigger or better fan than anybody. Sit back.

OD and Setbacks were fire. Dope beats, dope rhymes. Hard to find a bad song between the 2 of them. Both stay on repeat still.

I can't say I love any full release by Rock or Soul. So on to Q and KL...H&C was great, but it had a few duds. Same with Section80 and GKMC, the latter of which I like less and less as time goes by.

I thought Oxymoron would be a classic, considering its singles. But unfortunately it didn't quite pan out like I thought it would...

2873711, for real
Posted by Menphyel7, Wed Mar-05-14 09:41 AM
2873657, I think Ab-Soul's LT2, LT3 & CS have had more longevity....
Posted by Mike Check, Tue Mar-04-14 11:00 PM
I love Section.80, OD, and everything since the Kendrick EP - But shit, what tops:

House Party 5
Bohemian Grove
Drift Away
Showin' Love
Real Thinkers
Beautiful Death
Black Lip Bastard
Loosen My Tie
Almost There

Ab-Soul's the truth.

2873666, I really need to get up on some of their older stuff...
Posted by Remedial, Tue Mar-04-14 11:23 PM
Cause, just like someone else said, I got gassed off of Q based on the singles and the album is eh. Still bought it though, but, gotta call a spade a spade.
2873671, OD was neat for its potential, but even at the time, it was just ok.
Posted by Nodima, Tue Mar-04-14 11:39 PM
I was frankly amazed at how good Section.80 was following that. especially when I realized it was one of the better rap albums I'd ever heard, or at least most in tune to my tastes.

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2873672, nothings even remotely close to GKMC for me
Posted by justin_scott, Tue Mar-04-14 11:40 PM
But Section 80 and An Souls releases would be behind GKMC
2873691, No I don't think so.
Posted by stone_phalanges, Wed Mar-05-14 01:29 AM
And I am really into setbacks. I think it's as good as his latest release. OD is really good too but Kendrick was still finding his sound on that I would put it over everything else but Section 80 and GKMC are still definitely better for me.

OD was a really good album but Section 80 blew my mind when It came out. His song making skills expanded greatly on that one and on GKMC he expanded his album making skills. GKMC is basically boys in the hood 2 they should make a movie out of if, it could be better than 8 mile.

I think you may have a case of "he used to be all mine" disease where you stop liking an artist as much when everyone else discovers him.
2873714, Yall really love Setbacks like that?
Posted by 13Rose, Wed Mar-05-14 09:49 AM
The first half up until Cycle bangs for me but after that I tune out. H&C is the better album. I don't really have to skip a damn thing. For an album to be that long and you just let it play, that's a big deal. I also love Control System. That was my soundtrack for a minute.
2873724, OD sounds like a really, really good mixtape
Posted by Goose, Wed Mar-05-14 11:25 AM
But a mixtape nonetheless. Kendrick's releases have gotten better each time round. I always preferred H&C over Setbacks, but I think they're relatively close in terms of quality.