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2873717, Thanks / Yup...
Posted by tREBLEFREE, Wed Mar-05-14 10:33 AM
>Are all the instruments from the multitracks or did you
>overdub anything? That kick is cool

For WBSS, I added some things:

-the kick (808)
-the drums (chopped, cleaned intro from WAR's "Galaxy")
-additional claps from stock stuff I use
-additional percussion from stock stuff I've collected, and the Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough demo (from the Off The Wall reissue)

Once I found the BPM (126), it was easy to properly overdub some stuff. Since WBSS's basis was a drum machine, things locked fairly well.

I also chopped the synth bassline into pieces and reconstructed it. With the WBSS stems, whoever put them together pre-mixed some things so it was a challenge to get a clean mix. PLENTY of paragraphic EQ was used... :-)

For RWY, I didn't add anything, but I took his finger snap track, processed it with a noise gate to be the official "time keeper" of the track. It was fun listening to his snaps with the headphones on 20 and shit...LOL. There was a LOT of stuff that was recorded but not used in the final mix, so it was fun to play with those tracks.

>I haven't done anything with this song but here are the couple
>that I did mess with. Check em out if you have a chance.

Nice. This reminds me of the Stripped Mixes that Motown put out a while back. I loved those.


Did you add anything external to this? I got the PYT stems, but I haven't really listened through them to hear the differences from what was released. Nice extension of the original track length.

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