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Topic subjectNo, you don't need FBI software... not even Audacity
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2806913, No, you don't need FBI software... not even Audacity
Posted by lonesome_d, Tue May-21-13 09:37 AM

>Elvis is a hero to most but he never meant ish to me YES YOU
>straight out racist the sucker was simple and plain....

for the record, he's not calling Elvis simple and plain. 'simple and plain' is just a reversal of the idiom 'plain ad simple' - meaning, without having to describe the situation further. He's saying it's clear, without him needing to elaborate, that Elvis was a racist. The reversal was simply so that they it would rhyme with John Wayne.

>that's what I'm hearing...
>play it over and over again LD...and there's no way you can
>get YOU SEE coming straight before racist..
>YES YOU....not You See....

Jeeze, Warren. 'You see' has been clearly audible on every single version I've heard on youtube, but anyhow, I downloaded it (turned out to be the clean version, so teh 'shit' is blanked out), plugged it into Audacity and slowed it down and it's still clear.

Hear for yourself: https://soundcloud.com/lonesomedstringband/he-never-meant-s-t-to-me-you

For the record, it was equally clear played back at very high speeds.

If you can't hear it, your ears are broken, simple and plain.