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Topic subjectGrime heads, I NEED a song ID please
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2777794, Grime heads, I NEED a song ID please
Posted by double negative, Tue Feb-12-13 03:31 PM
I keep rewinding this Boy Better Know mix from Rinse fm ( http://rinse.fm/artists/boybetterknow/ the feb 04 mix at the 1:06:59 mark)

ive been googling snippets of the lyrics and I cant find ANYTHING. I even went and listened to the most recent albums from Frisco, JME, Skepta and Wiley. NOTHING.

So, what I have are a few lyric snippets if anything sounds familiar, any help would be great, this is driving me crazy.


"its a sticky situation we allowing you to walk..."

"you pushed your luck luck luck, got the metal tucked tucked tucked, pull it out and bust bust bust"

"..cause im so hardcore, raw, knock you down to the floor, yeah cause im hard to the core.."

".44 lick 4 shots.."

and i heard a line where someone says a name that sounds like "aye my man" or "aye may man"

shit, i need to know this song. HELP!