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Topic subjecthow much of what folks say about diana ross is true?
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2777084, how much of what folks say about diana ross is true?
Posted by Joe Corn Mo, Sun Feb-10-13 07:46 PM
i always felt she got a bad rap.

she said it was berry's idea to start billing them
as "diana ross and the supremes."
i don't doubt that. he wanted to do it with the jackson 5, too.

folks blame her for flo's death, for some reason.
i don't see how that's even possible. i'm sure she was just as sad
as everybody else. but there's not much you can do in a situation
like that.

i know there was the incident at motown 25,
but she says that it was rehearsed one way, and that it went down another way during the show.

i'm sure she's no angel.
and she's definitely driven.

what is it about diana ross that makes her so unlikeable to so many people?

b.touch, i'm really asking you this question
b/c i know you've done more research on this.
do you trust her biography, or is it fluff?