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Topic subject(NEW) Elzhi - Blue Widow
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2718068, (NEW) Elzhi - Blue Widow
Posted by go ask ya momma, Mon Jul-09-12 06:57 PM
2718082, This is really good.
Posted by Brew, Mon Jul-09-12 07:45 PM
I think he wasted a lot of time on that eLmatic album...in other words he should've just dropped a normal album. I really liked The Preface and think he should've used the two subsequent years to craft the followup.

But this song is dope so hopefully the proper follow up is still to come and it won't be a dud.
2718088, yea he is not prolific enough to drop an Elmatic
Posted by Menphyel7, Mon Jul-09-12 08:13 PM
it ain't like he drop a mix tape all the time.

He really should have save that energy for a new release even tho it was a dope ass project I think it did more for Will sessions than him. they should have just made an original album together.
2718110, actually worked out really well for all involved.
Posted by MISTA MONOTONE, Mon Jul-09-12 09:01 PM
> I think it did more for Will sessions than him.

they got more exposure and more work and it gave El more material to do $how$.

>they should have just made an original
>album together.

can't argue with that.
2718120, Yeah, it was a lateral move at best for him
Posted by mrshow, Mon Jul-09-12 09:17 PM
I's love to hear him work with Alchemist for a whole album. Their stuff on Witness My Growth was quality and Alc has really grown as a producer. I'd love to see El release a project that lives up to this abilities as a rapper.
2718123, It's Okay, Sounds Like A Throw-A-Way Track Though
Posted by Dj Joey Joe, Mon Jul-09-12 09:19 PM
I know I shouldn't pay attention to the beat more than the lyrics but that tired ass sample spoils it for me but lyrically Elzhi is still on the top of his game but the subject matter is the same ol' same ol' for him, so it doesn't stand out for me.

What gets me is he knows and worked with some of the dopest producers, so he needs to get at them kats if he plans on being serious about dropping a new album.