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Topic subjectYou misunderstood me
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2717123, You misunderstood me
Posted by dalecooper, Fri Jul-06-12 08:25 AM
I'm saying this will get a lot more people calling him faggot. I don't know what rumors were or were not swirling about him before, but now everybody knows. It will most certainly increase the amount of people talking about him that way. So whether it boosts his career or not, he's still taking a chance and exposing himself to ridicule.

>It won't... and for the life of me I can't understand why
>people are acting like the industry is a macho man's arena.

Because it's hip hop. Because Drake and Chris Brown (of all people) were throwing bottles at each other just a couple weeks ago. Hip hop is complex and there's been more acceptance than I would have expected, but let's not pretend like there weren't hundreds of eyebrows raised at this news, or dozens of guys mumbling "fag" under their breath. I mean... c'mon.

>It's strictly to sell records. Period. If it wasn't about
>selling records and getting publicity why is the timing so

I already said my piece on that - even if that's all it is, it's a bold move.

>Call me a homophobe but the shit is sick... I'm not talking
>about being gay (well, it's nasty to me) but I'm talking about
>the marketing/promotion/demand for people to accept the gay

If being gay was less likely to get you beat up, jailed or killed, you might have a case. The problem is that the result of non-acceptance hasn't been, "You do what you want behind closed doors and just don't tell me about it, and we'll be fine." Sure, a lot of people feel that way. But the general implication is that there's something morally wrong with what they're doing, which puts a social imprimatur on teenagers beating up "fags" and occasionally dragging one behind their truck. Not to mention the ongoing marriage debate, which I won't even get into.