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Topic subjectOE: Psychic, personal friend of celebrities, social philosopher
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2716984, OE: Psychic, personal friend of celebrities, social philosopher
Posted by dalecooper, Thu Jul-05-12 08:19 PM
Thanks for enlightening us.

Even if his motive is exactly as cynical as you dream it to be, I don't think this was (or is) by any means a sure path to success. His audience isn't the Will & Grace crowd. Beyond that, even IF he succeeds, he just traded a small commercial niche for years of the macho dudes he works with (not necessarily OF, but everybody else) calling him a faggot behind his back, and occasionally/probably to his face. Let's not act like there's no risk and no trauma in coming out in this day and age.

Even if it's for publicity and nothing else, I still say good for him, because it takes huge cojones and can only help things in the long run.