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Topic subjectyeah you don't get it
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2716642, yeah you don't get it
Posted by beatnik, Wed Jul-04-12 06:02 PM
so you must be the kind of person I'm referring to.

and that's a pretty simple ass way of making your point, it could be a lot more complex than that.

Not racist, has black friends, dates a Black person, but just doesn't think Black shows are funny or interesting, so they "dont want to see blacks on television", yes, lets label them racist and give a speech about how important the jefferson's were. gtfoh.

This whole notion that people should accept every stupid little thing, especially shit that's really none of their business or affects them ( like who fucks who ) is just silly to me.

If I say gauged ears are ugly and unattractive (which they are) then I'm discriminating against alternative lifestyles and closed minded right? lmao