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2716535, who cares
Posted by beatnik, Wed Jul-04-12 10:51 AM
If he make some wack music I won't listen and I don't care to hear about dudes being in love and I don't have to listen to that either.

I just love how these so called "open minded" people are so quick to call a person homophobic or closed minded if they don't care to hear those subjects in music.

His sexual orientation shouldn't matter but he's a guy that mostly makes songs about sex and relationships? lol people are silly on this board.

It's going to CONTINUE to show up in his music and those who truly are hateful and homophobic should realize at this point in life they don't have to hear anything they don't want to.

But if that kind of subject matter just makes you uncomfortable then there's really no reason for somebody to haul off calling you a closet fag or homophobic and silly shit like that. Some people just genuinely don't care to hear about that and they aren't the slightest bit closed minded, hateful, homophobic, or whatever else you little civil rights hipsters throw at people to feel good about yourself lol

If you don't like his music, go find some you do.