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3025670, Yeah, same
Posted by DJR, Thu Jul-09-20 10:04 PM
It’s never left my rotation. I don’t think I’ve gone more than a few weeks playing it since it dropped. It’s really an excellent album.

And yeah, definitely same experience with their music. Like much of OKP I was into it early on from reading these boards, and their music has always been life soundtrack music for me.

So glad that new album dropped though - I’ve not only been playing the new album and old LB - but the whole J League again. So much great music from that crew. I’ve been playing The Path to Relief EP, Median’s Relief and Project Mayhem like they’re brand new. Pulled up a bunch of old albums and mixtapes off my laptop, and made a huge playlist, and started checking for and finding newer stuff from some of them that I had missed. Went down a whole JL rabbit hole off one new LB album!