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Topic subjectI think BP3 is my least favorite Hov album.
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3025241, I think BP3 is my least favorite Hov album.
Posted by High Society, Fri Jun-19-20 03:40 PM
Vol1 - hate 3 songs
4:44 - album takes care of the topic this post is about, maybe age 47?
Dynasty - slept on last of white T du rag Hov
Black Album - production has aged poorly but he’s SPITTING
VOL3 - rhyming in CRAZY pockets
AG - used to be top 5, but just don’t like as much anymore and miss Guru engineering
BP2 - maybe Jay at his most effortless with the flow, spazzed all over the album
MCHG - some really strong songs: Oceans, Nickels & Dimes, Picasso Baby (new version of So Ghetto from VOL3), Heaven