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Posted by astralblak, Mon Jun-04-12 11:48 AM
>I came in with low expectations for that record. Came out
>happy. Ditto with Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang.

yup, Shao vs. Wu was actually a surprise because i didn't think he would come with back to back good LPs. I just hope Ghost finds his "mojo" swag again. a couple of weeks ago i went though the majority of his discog and honestly his last great work is The Pretty Toney album. everything else has been spotty, with great moments here and there. it's so odd how much critical acclaim Fishscale recieved when it's overly long and Ghost doing his version of the coke wave rap that was nearing its end in 06

>It's gotta be bittersweet in a way that Wu-Tang artists
>(Raekwon in particular) are coming out with good records long
>after their time in the spotlight. But it's good for their
>overall legacy IMO.


>Yeah. I put on Born Like This the other day and thought it was
>a real good album. It was the last "real" DOOM project.

i'm begining to wonder if DOOM came off so great from 99-06, because there was such a shortage of GREAT rappers (not a shortage of great music) during that period. but now with a hoard of new young talent that can rap very well, maybe the lane he occupied is no longer needed. but really he just doesn't seem hungry anymore

>Slick Rick is one of the GOAT and it's not even arguable IMO
>-- his discography is spotty but he is one of the few "old
>school" cats that always sounds like he's right on time. His
>style will never age.

Slick's flow and voice is just timeless. i really think with contemporary production and some one over seeing the project there could be one more "moment in the spotlight" for The Ruler