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2705927, agree with these following replies
Posted by astralblak, Sun Jun-03-12 09:11 PM
Tip - The Renaissance, just a great LP

Ish/Shabazz Palaces - Black Up, after being lukewarm towards it, i consider it a near masterpiece

Rae - OB4CL II, hated on it because of all the hype, but throw that record in now, shieet... burners front to back

yes Thought from Game Theory to Undun has been truly something to marvel at

DOOM upto Born Like This. all the random shit lately has been ehh to terrible. only that new track with Oh No has any reply value and it's mostly cause of the beat

agree on Slick Rick constantly putting in great guest verses. I wish some one like Tip or Ye would produce his whole record. I think it would be fantastic