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Topic subjectBest Recording by the Oldest Rapper?
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2704585, Best Recording by the Oldest Rapper?
Posted by Selah, Wed May-30-12 04:45 PM
Simple Question: What rapper released a consistently quality work (not just a couple of good singles and some filler) at the oldest age

(name the artist, title, and age at time of release. if you're feeling froggy list the standout tracks)?

I submit: Ice Cube - I Am the West (released in 2010 @ age 41)

Y'all Know How I Am, I Rep That West, No Country for Young Men, Hod Robbin', Your Money or Your Life, Man vs. Machine, Pros vs. Joes

Overall Summary - If there is such a think as "Grown Folks Rap", this is it. Lyrically, and content wise (in terms of variety of subject matter) Cube kills it. Much better than the fluff for fluffs sake on some of the albums that preceded it.

Concession: The beats *could* be a little better. this is more a ride/chill album than a club-hit album (but I was never a fan of the club stuff he did anyway)