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Topic subjectRE: Looking back at Common's "BE": Did it hold up?
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2685967, RE: Looking back at Common's "BE": Did it hold up?
Posted by soulhoper, Sat Apr-14-12 10:54 AM
1. Is it a great LP or classic?

I'd say great LP, but not a (personal) classic. Bought it on day 1, and then played the hell out of it. Definitely my summer of '05 album.

2. Where does it rank among Common LP's ?

My 4th favorite Com album, behind Like Water, Resurrection, and Electric Circus.

3. ...general statement

I agree with the posters above who say it was a transitional album in his career. It's the last of his records I enjoyed in its entirety; there are some tracks I dig on his following releases, but overall they disappointed me. I had high hopes for The Dreamer/The Believer, but never really got into itů