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Topic subjectwhat the fuck are you talking about?
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2685409, what the fuck are you talking about?
Posted by Anonymous, Thu Apr-12-12 10:27 PM
>starting with the first track. shit was corny to me,
>especially the beat.

The Intro is one of the best joints on the album. I'm not sure how the beat is "corny" maybe it is just you because you're the only one that I've ever heard apply that word to that song.

>listening to the album u could see it was just a matter of
>time before he puts out some horrific bullshit project like
>UMC... but before u could lose faith in the brotha he comes
>with joints like Go and Real People.

Really? You can tell from Be that Common was going to drop UMC? Yea, I'm going to have to classify that under bullshit. The albums are nothing alike. and LOL @ calling the intro corny and then stating Go regained your faith in Common.

>'Its Your World' was i.m.o. one of Comm's best songs EVER.
>having that on the same album with crap like 'Love Is' just
>left me confused about what my opinion of the album was. i
>guess at the end of the day (album) i knew he still had "it"
>but saw he was gettin lazy with it. maybe just trying to dumb
>down for his new/wider audience.

I agree Its Your World is a great track, but Love Is is very Common-like and no one should be mad at that joint. The beat was greatness. Com write a dope track that fit the beat. I swear people just talk to talk on this site.

>this album gave me the first smell of Mainstream Comm. since
>he farted out UMC i haven't even been that excited about
>picking up his latest album. haven't even heard it yet. i
>heard it was pretty good tho, and it is Comm, so i'll probably
>buy it sometime soon.

The Light is the first time Com got mainstream success. and I don't know why you keep mentioning UMC because that album didn't make noise in the mainstream at all. I'm still confused as hell as to how you keep mentioning Be and UMC like they're one in the same.