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Topic subjectFuck the dumb: We gotta stop this ODB movie
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2684667, Fuck the dumb: We gotta stop this ODB movie
Posted by imcvspl, Wed Apr-11-12 03:06 PM

Here's all you really need to know

* It's called Dirty White Boy
* It's really about the white boy in his life at the end

That's really all that needs to be said. Number one way to stop the movie - let Michael K. Williams know it is unacceptable.
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2684675, this is not cool.
Posted by mathmagic, Wed Apr-11-12 03:23 PM
2684703, RE: Fuck the dumb: We gotta stop this ODB movie
Posted by dalecooper, Wed Apr-11-12 04:53 PM

As far as I can tell, the person who wrote that article hasn't read the script and has no insider knowledge at all, just the title and a vague description (or guess?) of the content. I think going all-out to "stop" the movie is needlessly reactionary until somebody can vouch for what it's actually about.