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Topic subjectAsher Roth--Pabst and Jazz
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2679200, Asher Roth--Pabst and Jazz
Posted by StakksAbbot, Thu Mar-29-12 12:52 AM
This fucking thing is a MONSTER!!!!

I dl'ed it when it came out, and for whatever reason didn't get as deep into it, but really listening to it, if this shit is where he is heading, i'll buy 10 of his next album...

The beats are on point, his flow is just dumb, dope features, establishes a vibe, never preachy, just ill all the way through...

Hard Times is my JOINT...

Are there any other albums with production like this, murky bluesy samples and all...album sounds like its in line with some mid- late 90's indie/underground stuff, but made in 2011-12 with a modern twist...If anyone has any suggestions on albums in the same vein, i'd appreciate it...
2679204, Lotsa dudes doing an updated 90s sound
Posted by mrshow, Thu Mar-29-12 01:19 AM
Action Bronson...Roc Marciano...Curren$y...Black Hippy.
2680686, RE: Lotsa dudes doing an updated 90s sound
Posted by StakksAbbot, Mon Apr-02-12 02:33 PM
i agree with those above, for sure

the reason this, and actually those above, stand out so much is that instead of trying to sound like preemo or pete rock the beats are so much more modern...i think we may be in the beginning stages of a new "golden age", maybe not on the levels of those past, but this generation will leave a mark, and is already beginning to kill shit
2679206, he's finally coming into his own as a rapper
Posted by Goose, Thu Mar-29-12 01:33 AM
through all the "I Love College" abd "She Dont Want a Man" type stuff on his debut there were flashes of a great emcee on a lot of tracks.

His Def Jam debut is one of my personal most anticipated albums on the year.
2679211, Ampersand is my shit
Posted by Playa_Politician, Thu Mar-29-12 01:39 AM
that al green sample maaan.
2680779, one of the best releases from 2011
Posted by ChampAreno, Mon Apr-02-12 06:18 PM
I had it in my top 5 for Ash's consistency on the mic alone. The production was flawless and In The Kitchen was such a dope beat, incredibly underrated.
2680821, RE: one of the best releases from 2011
Posted by StakksAbbot, Mon Apr-02-12 07:04 PM
yeah in the kitchen is one of the doper songs for sure!

hard times

the whole thing is redic
2681375, yup, not a weak track in the bunch nm
Posted by ChampAreno, Tue Apr-03-12 06:40 PM
2680783, Really digging this
Posted by Wordman, Mon Apr-02-12 06:21 PM
Glad he's coming into his own as an emcee.

"Your current frequencies of understanding outweigh that which has been given for you to understand." Saul Williams
2680828, props to blended babies...dudes work fire on the backdrops.
Posted by k0la, Mon Apr-02-12 07:13 PM
i still haven't listened through all of it, but from what i heard, asher roth and blended babies went in on this entire tape.

the features all look on-point, too.

2681078, It has really grown on me...
Posted by ToeJam, Tue Apr-03-12 10:53 AM