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Topic subjectPlanet Asia fans......what should I listen to first
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2678881, Planet Asia fans......what should I listen to first
Posted by nativesun07, Wed Mar-28-12 10:38 AM
I've never heard a release from him from front to back and I want to check something out.....whats first? whats essential? whats definitive?
2678887, Cali Agents - How The West Was One
Posted by guru0509, Wed Mar-28-12 10:52 AM
Jewelry Box Sessions

Pain Language

the Gold Chain Music album was dope too...

I'm a big fan.

Jay Dilla - Jay $tay Paid
Planet Asia/DJ Muggs - Pain Language
G Side - iSLAND
2678971, Yeah I agree how the west was won is a good
Posted by JAESCOTT777, Wed Mar-28-12 01:38 PM
2678892, The Medicine is his best work, IMO
Posted by CMcMurtry, Wed Mar-28-12 11:03 AM
Produced entirely by Evidence. But I'm not sure it's the best starting point. I'd go with Jewelry Box Sessions.
2678899, Definately Cali Agents- How the west was one
Posted by Abstract_TheEclectic_Nubian, Wed Mar-28-12 11:17 AM
That album made me appreciate him and Rasco both.
2678914, His best work is Pain Language followed by Black Majik
Posted by Mash_Comp, Wed Mar-28-12 11:57 AM
I dare say his bars haven't been wack for a decade now but some beats can be tiresome...but those two LPs are the best of both worlds.

His newer stuff kicks ass too...Crack Belt Theatre goes