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Topic subjectcertified classics that have been abandoned by hip hop....
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2677067, certified classics that have been abandoned by hip hop....
Posted by sersey, Thu Mar-22-12 11:49 PM
and co-opted by white folks. This shit truly baffles me.

I fail to understand how certain songs that were certified hip hop bangers when the dropped are now reduced to local sports bar fodder years later, with little to no reverance by the community that embraced the songs initially.

Two songs come to mind (and Im sure thers more):
Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock- It Takes Two
House of Pain-Jump Around

Its hard to imagine now, but both of these joints were like the Flex bomb streetsweepers of their day. "It Takes Two" was the Yo MTV Raps theme song for god sakes.

And "Jump Around"...This was the shit niggas would bump from they Pathfinders and Suzuki Samurais real slow-like down the blvd. Pete Rock laced the white boys with the remix treatment essentially cementing their status back then as a credible hip hop act.

So why dont we hear these songs in any of the throwback sets in the hip hop clubs? Or in any old-school mixes on the urban radio stations.

At what point does hip hop decide that a once revered classic can be drafted and claimed by frat boys to call their own.

I mean, I get the whole concept of white folks running certain trends that we invented into the ground to the point where we throw our hands up and say..."Ya'll can have it"....(See "Bling Bling").

All Im saying is..I still love these songs. And it'd be nice to hear em alongside a Biggie or Eric B & Rakim classic in the hiphop club where they belong. Instead of in the white clubs alongside AC/DC and Eurythmics.

What other classics have fallen into this black hole never to return to the hip hop side of things?