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Topic subjectcertified classics that have been abandoned by hip hop....
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2677067, certified classics that have been abandoned by hip hop....
Posted by sersey, Thu Mar-22-12 11:49 PM
and co-opted by white folks. This shit truly baffles me.

I fail to understand how certain songs that were certified hip hop bangers when the dropped are now reduced to local sports bar fodder years later, with little to no reverance by the community that embraced the songs initially.

Two songs come to mind (and Im sure thers more):
Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock- It Takes Two
House of Pain-Jump Around

Its hard to imagine now, but both of these joints were like the Flex bomb streetsweepers of their day. "It Takes Two" was the Yo MTV Raps theme song for god sakes.

And "Jump Around"...This was the shit niggas would bump from they Pathfinders and Suzuki Samurais real slow-like down the blvd. Pete Rock laced the white boys with the remix treatment essentially cementing their status back then as a credible hip hop act.

So why dont we hear these songs in any of the throwback sets in the hip hop clubs? Or in any old-school mixes on the urban radio stations.

At what point does hip hop decide that a once revered classic can be drafted and claimed by frat boys to call their own.

I mean, I get the whole concept of white folks running certain trends that we invented into the ground to the point where we throw our hands up and say..."Ya'll can have it"....(See "Bling Bling").

All Im saying is..I still love these songs. And it'd be nice to hear em alongside a Biggie or Eric B & Rakim classic in the hiphop club where they belong. Instead of in the white clubs alongside AC/DC and Eurythmics.

What other classics have fallen into this black hole never to return to the hip hop side of things?
2677077, "bust a Move" Young MC and his songs own this thread IMO
Posted by mistermaxxx08, Fri Mar-23-12 12:33 AM
this has truly gotta be one. i remember when he first came out and he was getting hype in my ole Hood and now that song got kidnapped for good.

all those cuts he wrote for Tone Loc that crossed over to never return.

2677198, yea, the first one I thought of
Posted by __Spread__, Fri Mar-23-12 10:48 AM
...and all those songs used to HIT at the skating rink too...
2677320, His Shit Was Wack Back Then
Posted by Dj Joey Joe, Fri Mar-23-12 02:25 PM
Don't care if it was a classic or not, Young MC's songs was corny and terrible; which is why nobody cares if other races took it as their own personal jam.

2677091, Move, Bitch.
Posted by KennyFresh, Fri Mar-23-12 02:49 AM
(good fuckin riddance i say.... i've always hated that song.)

free from FRSH SLCTS:
Dibia$e - Comfort Zone http://bit.ly/vxUTXY
Coultrain - GodMustBeABoogieMan (Reprise) - http://t.co/bIZasryB
Planet Asia x G_Force - Camouflage Jackets http://bit.ly/qhuaC3

2677098, Always found that song oddly grating
Posted by mrshow, Fri Mar-23-12 02:53 AM
2677356, the worst.
Posted by KennyFresh, Fri Mar-23-12 04:17 PM
its Bar Mitzvah Crunk.


free from FRSH SLCTS:
Dibia$e - Comfort Zone http://bit.ly/vxUTXY
Coultrain - GodMustBeABoogieMan (Reprise) - http://t.co/bIZasryB
Planet Asia x G_Force - Camouflage Jackets http://bit.ly/qhuaC3

2677169, the jump around pete rock remix hasn't been abandoned yet
Posted by justin_scott, Fri Mar-23-12 09:50 AM
2677201, Shit, Rosa Parks was close for a while there...
Posted by __Spread__, Fri Mar-23-12 10:57 AM
when I was in college I DJd this white girl's party and since I didn't bring any of the pop shit they wanted I had to play Rosa Parks 7 times in one night.
'Kast actually avoided that one by having bigger hits on their next albums...Miss Jackson helped take some of the heat off Rosa and then Hey Ya and I Like the Way You Move got played out enough to where I can actually play Rosa Parks again...and I am thankful for that
2677447, Aint that the truth...
Posted by ry 213, Sat Mar-24-12 12:18 AM
im so glad for Miss Jackson being the huge song it was because Aquemini is an all time top 5 favorite of mine and I can enjoy it without being corny lol...
2677202, Nate Dogg Warren G - Regulators
Posted by __Spread__, Fri Mar-23-12 11:00 AM
Biggie's Juicy is getting close to that status too actually
2677211, only thing i'm agreeing on so far is the Young MC stuff
Posted by Calico, Fri Mar-23-12 11:22 AM
and MAYBE Jump Around, but if someone plays it, folks get in line to enjoy quickly....

everything else still gets love in "old school" mixes and whatnot....

you can throw Young MC's brother tone Loc in there too, but whitefolks put Wild Thing on LOCK soon as it came out

...oh and Hammer too...people front like they didn't enjoy "You Can't touch This", "Turn This Mutha Out" and "They Put Me In the Mix...i'm not saying EVERYBODY loved MC Hammer, but he did have a few jams....
2677234, Outside of "Ring Em" and "Lets Get It Started" I hated Hammer
Posted by tully_blanchard, Fri Mar-23-12 11:40 AM

for house goodness:



ahhh, why the hell not:
2677308, You can't Touch This - Hammer
Posted by Yank, Fri Mar-23-12 02:04 PM
Shit was theme song for Detroit in 1990
2677321, LOL
Posted by Dr Claw, Fri Mar-23-12 02:38 PM

2677317, Anything Cypress Hill related
Posted by CMcMurtry, Fri Mar-23-12 02:19 PM
2677387, Certainly "Insane in the Membrane"
Posted by mrhood75, Fri Mar-23-12 06:53 PM
2677410, I think 'How I Could Just Kill A Man' remained
Posted by Dr Claw, Fri Mar-23-12 08:44 PM
I remember Juelz did a cool take on it some years ago.


caught me by surprise, since I hadn't heard it in some years.
2677448, different fan base were into their second album...
Posted by ry 213, Sat Mar-24-12 12:20 AM
...I hated it from day one and still havent gone back to it to this day. I loved the shit out of their first one though...
2677342, Nore's "Nothin"
Posted by Kevan, Fri Mar-23-12 03:46 PM
I can't believe no one said this yet.
That "hey now, you're an all-star" is a white people anthem in itself.
2677404, Hip Hop Hooray
Posted by Playa_Politician, Fri Mar-23-12 08:17 PM
players holiday? (maybe this wasn't as big as i remember)

2677408, LOL, I swear that was in a Kool Aid commercial
Posted by Dr Claw, Fri Mar-23-12 08:32 PM
that was the end of that one
2677409, Sir Mix A Lot - Baby Got Back
Posted by DVS, Fri Mar-23-12 08:44 PM
most #fff folks have no idea "Posse on Broadway" even exists.

2677429, Shiiiit, i used to think e40 made it up w/ Bballin wit my homies
Posted by Playa_Politician, Fri Mar-23-12 10:46 PM
heard Posse on Broadway a few years later and thought they bit 40water.
2677449, Biz Markie Just A Friend
Posted by ry 213, Sat Mar-24-12 12:21 AM