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Topic subjectChaka Is Boss To Me As Well,,,
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2677012, Chaka Is Boss To Me As Well,,,
Posted by Harlepolis, Thu Mar-22-12 08:30 PM
She ain't afraid to get low & dirty, and when its time for the sophisticated stuff, she's top notch too. In that sense, she embodied the Dinah Washington spirit more to me, a lady who Aretha was and still is associated with.

Not to mention, her material didn't always revolve around "her man". I mean, "Earth Song"? I really can't picture Aretha singing that. She could pull if off, but it would sound out of place.

Truth is, I can't view this with objectivity. I'm biased when it comes to Wild Child, even in her worst material, I found a lasting redeeming quality; her voice.