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Topic subjectis Aretha Franklin your Queen of Soul?
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2677000, is Aretha Franklin your Queen of Soul?
Posted by mistermaxxx08, Thu Mar-22-12 08:08 PM
i love Aretha Franklin and her Box set as I have said many a time is my all time favorite Box set and I also have her on the Mount Rushmore of Female Artists,etc..

however if you are casual about her or like another female artist more then what keeps Aretha being the Queen of Soul to you?

also where do you come down on her singles?

her albums?

her diversity as a artist that has branched into other styles of Music?

is Aretha more of your parents or Grandparents thing or do you hold her as the Queen of soul and think of her when you say the word Soul?

2677002, She is because she is. I like Chaka Khan the best though
Posted by -DJ R-Tistic-, Thu Mar-22-12 08:12 PM
2677004, well tell me how you feel about Chaka Khan
Posted by mistermaxxx08, Thu Mar-22-12 08:13 PM
got me curious now as compared to Aretha. lets hear it.
2677008, It's really more to do with eras and the music that was made
Posted by -DJ R-Tistic-, Thu Mar-22-12 08:22 PM
I think Aretha is a better singer as a whole, and she has a much bigger impact and influence, along with more memorable songs as a whole, I mean "Respect" alone is one of the most known songs ever.

I enjoy Chaka's music more, mainly that late 70's and early 80's feel. "What'cha gonna do for me" is one of my favorite R&B albums ever, probably Top 5 for me. As folks here know, I've never been the biggest Motown fan, but a lot of Aretha's music was better and not as cookie cutter as the generic Motown hits we all know. Still, I'd pick Chaka's music for my personal taste.
2677016, basically...i agree...
Posted by Calico, Thu Mar-22-12 08:37 PM
i can't really explain why Chaka's music appeals to me more over the years, but it does....i owe whomever recommended Ask Rufus a big thanks....
2677012, Chaka Is Boss To Me As Well,,,
Posted by Harlepolis, Thu Mar-22-12 08:30 PM
She ain't afraid to get low & dirty, and when its time for the sophisticated stuff, she's top notch too. In that sense, she embodied the Dinah Washington spirit more to me, a lady who Aretha was and still is associated with.

Not to mention, her material didn't always revolve around "her man". I mean, "Earth Song"? I really can't picture Aretha singing that. She could pull if off, but it would sound out of place.

Truth is, I can't view this with objectivity. I'm biased when it comes to Wild Child, even in her worst material, I found a lasting redeeming quality; her voice.
2677015, Aretha Franklin is *the* Queen of Soul. Period...
Posted by disco dj, Thu Mar-22-12 08:35 PM
not 'mine' not my parent's or grandparents. The one and ONLY. she transcends generations.

simply put: Eye-Reetha is THE Queen of Soul. Everybody else fights for second place.

2677024, Queen of Soul, sure.
Posted by SoWhat, Thu Mar-22-12 08:52 PM
as in Soul music. the sub-genre of R&B that was alive from the late 50s/early 60s until the mid 70s. she is the Queen of that music, for sure.

she's also 1 of my favorite musicians. she's near the top of my list of favorite singers, male or female.

i think several of her singles are great - among the best ever and my favorite ever.

her albums i'm not so familiar with. i don't see her as an album artist. Young Gifted and Black is good. And I Never Loved A Man. and Amazing Grace too.

she's easily 1 of the greats. no doubt.
2677433, Long term and STILL flawless "live", to me,......Gladys Knight
Posted by Record Playa, Fri Mar-23-12 11:20 PM
I listen to Gladys way more.

Amazing Grace album and Who's Zooming Who album, and a string of more timeless hits, Aretha is still the winner.

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