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Topic subject15 years ago remembering BIGGIE!!!!!!!!
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2671801, 15 years ago remembering BIGGIE!!!!!!!!
Posted by mistermaxxx08, Sat Mar-10-12 02:58 AM
hard to believe its been a Dime and a Nickel since B.I.G was taken far too soon.

i had some great Biggie memorys. use to play life after after death and enjoyed his Humor and stylings.

Him and Kellz were classic on One of the Greatest slow cuts ever and my sides still crack up over that song.

dug him with Bone thugs and Harmony.

going back to cali.

just enjoyed his story telling and insight.

he was a colorful Brother and knew his hustle.

Biggie was something else.

He is the true GOAT To Come out of Brooklyn. he was never Lazy with his.