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Topic subjecti remember 'in da club' too
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2671604, i remember 'in da club' too
Posted by forgivenphoenix, Fri Mar-09-12 02:13 PM
i had caught the video on MTV2 (back when they actually played random blocks of music) and I had heard 'Wanksta' and thought it was okay and knew that 50 was getting alot of hype because of his album, but I hadn't heard it myself.

anyway, the video starts and that 'ba-bam' and then 'Go Shorty' and I was stuck. The mixing on those drum / synth hits killed it. I could tell it was Dre from the beginning and I was like 'Dre did it again'. i guess you could say this was his last big gamechanger.

i also remember seeing the video for 'Smells like Teen Spirit'. I was at home right after school and I think I was gonna watch Rap City but I turned on MTV instead, just to see what was on.

I caught the video 'right' when it was starting, so I caught that bare melody from Kurt's guitar and I was transfixed for the next 4 minutes. I know it seems like its a stretch for a 7th grader to say that music was different, but that song sounded nothing like any music I had heard up until that point in my life. it was *that* different sounding.