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Topic subjectdo u remember where u were at when you heard 'in da club' by 50?
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2671554, do u remember where u were at when you heard 'in da club' by 50?
Posted by Bblock, Fri Mar-09-12 12:00 PM
i do
i was in chicago at a club
and it came on at the end of the night
i thought it was a primo banger at first
cuz of the system
i knew that night that that song was gonna take off

why in da club?
i dunno
post up a song that took off and where were you when you heard it

ain't no nigga
i was at home listenin' to stretch and bobbito show
and jay came up there and debuted the song
i knew it was a winner
2671558, go look after your yout'
Posted by Reuben, Fri Mar-09-12 12:09 PM
nobody fuckin' cares.
2671567, oh, you care
Posted by Bblock, Fri Mar-09-12 12:45 PM
2671562, in my car, on the way home from hampton university's campus.
Posted by Joe Corn Mo, Fri Mar-09-12 12:19 PM
had a shitty day,
turned on the radio...

and was blown away by the song.

couldn't believe what was coming out of the speakers.

i especially loved that rhythm track
that sounds like one note being plucked on electic guitar over and over and over again.

it pulsates the entire track forward.

a few days later, i was hearing it EVERYWHERE.

i'm still not tired of that song.
2671706, Me neither.
Posted by Brew, Fri Mar-09-12 07:15 PM
>i'm still not tired of that song.

Just one of those songs that was played ALL the fucking time, still is, by a guy I barely like anymore, that just can't possibly be overplayed. Kinda like Through the Wire.
2671570, Drop it like it's hot
Posted by IslaSoul, Fri Mar-09-12 12:53 PM

before it found its way to the radio
I think it was the leak even
was at a houseparty,
we played it then & there,
and several times more that evening
and knew it would become a huge hit for snoop
2671707, Hell yea.
Posted by Brew, Fri Mar-09-12 07:16 PM
That song is dope as fuck.
2671580, I first heard Roxanne Roxanne on the way to my dad's funeral
Posted by Selah, Fri Mar-09-12 01:15 PM
First heard "the Show" on a late night am radio show in 8th grade - it started a 3 month search to find the 12 inch

First heard Mary's "Real Love" during sexytime with this girl (the video came on BET which just happened to be on the TV)...she got mad because I got distracted and started watching the video mid-stroke. twas funny (and still is)

I gotta million of these song-as-life-snapshot moments
2671604, i remember 'in da club' too
Posted by forgivenphoenix, Fri Mar-09-12 02:13 PM
i had caught the video on MTV2 (back when they actually played random blocks of music) and I had heard 'Wanksta' and thought it was okay and knew that 50 was getting alot of hype because of his album, but I hadn't heard it myself.

anyway, the video starts and that 'ba-bam' and then 'Go Shorty' and I was stuck. The mixing on those drum / synth hits killed it. I could tell it was Dre from the beginning and I was like 'Dre did it again'. i guess you could say this was his last big gamechanger.

i also remember seeing the video for 'Smells like Teen Spirit'. I was at home right after school and I think I was gonna watch Rap City but I turned on MTV instead, just to see what was on.

I caught the video 'right' when it was starting, so I caught that bare melody from Kurt's guitar and I was transfixed for the next 4 minutes. I know it seems like its a stretch for a 7th grader to say that music was different, but that song sounded nothing like any music I had heard up until that point in my life. it was *that* different sounding.
2671709, Yea, probly.
Posted by Brew, Fri Mar-09-12 07:19 PM
>'Dre did it again'. i guess you could say this was
>his last big gamechanger.

The rumor around the time Get Rich...dropped was that the Dre beats from that album were "throwaways" from Detox. Fuck. Woulda been the perfect time to drop that shit, like 2004-2005. I mean if In Da Club and If I Can't were "throwaways," I shudder to think of what else Dre created during that time that now sits in a fucking vault. Travesty.
2671756, yeah. if Detox would have had those cuts
Posted by forgivenphoenix, Fri Mar-09-12 09:47 PM
it would have been another classic for Dre. It would have dropped right when people would have been ready for an album and he still would have had enough of a connection (and a creative spirit as well) to the mainstream that he could have pulled off 'the last classic hip-hop album'.

by now, things have changed so much in the mainstream being that there's a new generation of MC's and the stylistic sound of the music is different that I don't think even if Dre was on top of his creative abilities that he would have the insight into this current generation to make something like the OG Chronic or 2001.
2671630, heard it in the club
Posted by Binlahab, Fri Mar-09-12 03:08 PM
dj dropped it. ppl went ape shit. i was like wtf is going on

i didnt actually hear 50s verse til the video came out all i ever got to was the initial intro to the beat...everytime dude got to '...& we dont give a fuck its not your birthday!'

DJ brought it back

dude must have run it back @ LEAST 10x that nite

2671633, sitting down after school with a PB&J hyped to fire up perfect dark
Posted by Nodima, Fri Mar-09-12 03:28 PM
turned on TRL while I got rid of the food in my hands so I could focus on the sticks

don't remember my reaction to the song except I didn't really have any idea how popular it was about to be among my age group

when the Massacre dropped in high school, 50 was popular enough and filesharing still foreign enough that I was able to charge $3 for CD-R copies of the advance

"This is the streets, and I am the trap." Jay Bilas

2671779, lol i was doing the same shit
Posted by DolphinTeef, Sat Mar-10-12 12:44 AM
2671701, when jay played empire state of mind at the vma's
Posted by gwycliff, Fri Mar-09-12 06:51 PM
errybody was feelin that
2671712, True.
Posted by Brew, Fri Mar-09-12 07:20 PM
That's one song that DID get overplayed to the point that I can't listen to it anymore. Shame, really. That beat is pretty dope and the song in general is really good. No surprise it got the play it did but I wish it hadn't, I was playin that shit hard when I first heard it, before it blew.
2671702, It was on TV
Posted by Coco la chapelle, Fri Mar-09-12 06:55 PM
I thought the song was dope as hell and maybe I should start doing some push ups
2671713, I laughed.
Posted by Brew, Fri Mar-09-12 07:22 PM
>and maybe I should start
>doing some push ups
2671866, lol. ditto.
Posted by smooth va, Sat Mar-10-12 02:39 PM
2671714, Country Grammar
Posted by MaxPtah, Fri Mar-09-12 07:24 PM
Me and my ex was in St. Louis and every ten minutes they played it on the radio stations there. We really paid it no mind and when we got back to Memphis we were singing a lot and wasn't surprised it wasn't more well known. Next thing you know about four months later it hit the nation and we were like "damn, the nation is JUST now hearing this song!" lol
2671744, I was 18 and this chick I was talkin to put me onto him
Posted by CMcMurtry, Fri Mar-09-12 09:21 PM
And then she went left and so of course I had to hate it.

But 12 years later, it still goes.
2671740, Probably eating some microwave burritos n/m
Posted by johnbook, Fri Mar-09-12 09:12 PM


2671741, lmao
Posted by philpot, Fri Mar-09-12 09:19 PM
in da club

2671752, come on dude, you can't front on that song
Posted by forgivenphoenix, Fri Mar-09-12 09:42 PM
that beat is hypnotic and while 50 doesn't really spit on the song, the chorus, especially the radio version, is golden.
2671745, I clicked a link on this site to the song.
Posted by Dr Claw, Fri Mar-09-12 09:21 PM
I was interested considering the mass shit talk he had done mocking Murder Inc and the mixtapes...

and then to hear that song I had the Benson face.

when I saw the response of folks here? I was like, "this is some bullshit."

last time I felt like that was when "Mr. Ice Cream Man" hit.

edit: I should post that one up... that was hilarious.
2671746, Bobby Brown, 'My Prerogative'
Posted by Dr Claw, Fri Mar-09-12 09:25 PM
outside on the backporch @ my grandmother's house in Charlotte.
the radio was on.

I was like, "is that Bobby Brown?!"

I found it funny as crap that he was singing a song with a word like "prerogative" in the title.

oh, but then I heard that song about 5 times on the way back home somehow seeking through radio channels.

I think I remember hearing "Groove Me" for the first time in Charlotte too.

those were fun times.
2671780, I had just got my car...i was driving doing god knows what
Posted by DolphinTeef, Sat Mar-10-12 12:46 AM
i just remember them playing that shit a AT LEAST 5 times in a row
2671784, RE: On some website, streaming it.
Posted by Austin, Sat Mar-10-12 01:03 AM
Thinking, "This is kind of wack."


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2671802, Can't remember where I was or what I was doing
Posted by be_yourself, Sat Mar-10-12 03:00 AM
but loved it back then and still love it now.
2671805, brand new video on BET before the CD was out
Posted by CinisterCee, Sat Mar-10-12 04:07 AM
I don't know why I remember it so well.
2671851, watching TV
Posted by Duval Spit, Sat Mar-10-12 12:53 PM
2671857, I believe I was at a club in Buckhead ATL...
Posted by SP1200, Sat Mar-10-12 01:36 PM
when I 1st heard "In Da Club" everybody was going CRAZY.
2671865, In the car......
Posted by denny, Sat Mar-10-12 02:36 PM
My daughter was in the back. Traffic jam.

Wasn't sold on 50 yet...but the track was undeniable. All Dre all day. Same sonics as Mary J Blige 'Percolate'...and same approach in the string arrangement. But slower tempo...a little more bluesy. Those two songs sound like they both started in the same session.

The dj was messing with it first time I heard it...so I wasn't sure if it was a legit single. But the beat's got that Dre stomp swing. Almost sounds like a heavy metal groove.