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Topic subjectRE: Is Miguel slept on???
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2671473, RE: Is Miguel slept on???
Posted by Original Juice, Fri Mar-09-12 12:33 AM
I don't think he's slept on in a general sense as they actually play his singles on commercial radio (frank and the weeknd do too now after the internet hype around them blew up); although, I think he does not get the type of internet buzz those 2 get.

I definitely think Miguel is probably a more electrifying live performer than either of those guys as well as a stronger vocalist. What I think he lacks in comparison to them is of course the hipster Pitchfork "I don't really listen to R&B except for Frank Ocean and the Weeknd" hype machine, the "cutting edge" druggy/rapey/Illuminati-ish lyricism, and a co-sign from a similarly buzzed about clique and mass media darlings (OFWGKTA/Tyler/Drake/OVOXO)

Overall, he may be more talented than either of those guys musically speaking and performance wise, but remember.. This is the swag generation.

I can't help but think how a Miguel Jontel x Exile album would sound.. The stuff he did with Blu and on Dirty Science was great and what familiarized me with him enough to give the "All I Want Is You" album a chance. Woulda loved to have heard him blow up along with that group of folks; however, Blu's not really the guy for surpassing expectations.. (You don't see Blu on any Miguel songs since he got on the radio).. The songs from his mini-EP are promising and in the right direction. He also seems like a smart dude and a good kid so I'm rooting for him.