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Topic subjectIs Miguel slept on???
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2671465, Is Miguel slept on???
Posted by Kid Ray, Fri Mar-09-12 12:14 AM
I hear everyone buzzin on Frank Ocean and The Weeknd. I just heard that track Adorn by Miguel and I was like ok I gotta look out for this kid. Didn't hear his first album do you think he's gonna be something to deal with? Here's the link to his single Adorn if you missed it.

2671473, RE: Is Miguel slept on???
Posted by Original Juice, Fri Mar-09-12 12:33 AM
I don't think he's slept on in a general sense as they actually play his singles on commercial radio (frank and the weeknd do too now after the internet hype around them blew up); although, I think he does not get the type of internet buzz those 2 get.

I definitely think Miguel is probably a more electrifying live performer than either of those guys as well as a stronger vocalist. What I think he lacks in comparison to them is of course the hipster Pitchfork "I don't really listen to R&B except for Frank Ocean and the Weeknd" hype machine, the "cutting edge" druggy/rapey/Illuminati-ish lyricism, and a co-sign from a similarly buzzed about clique and mass media darlings (OFWGKTA/Tyler/Drake/OVOXO)

Overall, he may be more talented than either of those guys musically speaking and performance wise, but remember.. This is the swag generation.

I can't help but think how a Miguel Jontel x Exile album would sound.. The stuff he did with Blu and on Dirty Science was great and what familiarized me with him enough to give the "All I Want Is You" album a chance. Woulda loved to have heard him blow up along with that group of folks; however, Blu's not really the guy for surpassing expectations.. (You don't see Blu on any Miguel songs since he got on the radio).. The songs from his mini-EP are promising and in the right direction. He also seems like a smart dude and a good kid so I'm rooting for him.
2671491, another 3rd tier liteweight
Posted by mistermaxxx08, Fri Mar-09-12 03:35 AM
run of the mill doing crystal lite R&B and them other turkeys are wack as well the Weakend and Frank coasting ocean