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Topic subjectI disagree, Kush & OJ and How Fly were the outliers to me
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2671647, I disagree, Kush & OJ and How Fly were the outliers to me
Posted by Nodima, Fri Mar-09-12 04:06 PM
not the norm. I wasn't very surprised by Rolling Papers, it was mostly just a more polished version of Deal or No Deal with a much bigger single.

Plus his other artists like Chevy Woods have been able to do whatever they like, Juicy J is wilding out, he did that shitty Cabin Fever tape and the word behind Taylor Allderdice is its K&OJ part two. That Snoop Dogg collaboration was the second best thing he's ever done and that's a project that could have had all kinds of politics behind it but instead it felt totally organic.

I'd totally wager that Rolling Papers is more Wiz' fault than any A&Rs. Most of his music is similarly average and dull.

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