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2671450, why
Posted by astralblak, Thu Mar-08-12 11:16 PM
cause Eminem didn't change his sound once he signed to them?
cause X didn't change his sound once he signed with them?
cause Ra, Raekwon, Last Emp, Joell Ortiz, and Bishop Lamont didn't sit on the shelves 'cause Dre didn't hear that one hit from them?

I'm worried as shit that not only will their sound change, but that the music will slow down drastically; fuck it, got Overly Dedicated, two volumes of Long Term, Setbacks, Section.80, Long Term Mentality and Habits & Contradictions

I honestly think Jay Rock is the only one who will really benefit from this signing on a wider audience-music quality level. His Top Dawg sound was closest to what Interscope/Dre produce