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Topic subjectRE: i'm finna hurt something. all yawl OKPS happy w/ killing hiphpop?
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2671463, RE: i'm finna hurt something. all yawl OKPS happy w/ killing hiphpop?
Posted by theBIGguy, Fri Mar-09-12 12:09 AM
>this dude is not serious about the craft... freestyle?
>he ain't
>I'm listening to this shit....everytime he spits half a line
>about real shit...he fucks up...falls of the beat....and comes
>back with some "i just fucked yo' bitch."
>add me to the list of emcees that wants to punch him in the
>face for fucking HIPHOP...thats my bitch - i KNOW SHE A HOE.
>But she let alot of niggas fuck - waka - gucci.............but
>this nigga raping her
>I wish more success for the brother, but I HOPE HE LEARNS HOW
>TO RAP (this support of this mediocre trash is just
>encouraging him to not feel the need to get better)

I like his music, but I'm not going to buy his music. I think he can rap, when he puts him mind to it. It's like most of his songs are half thought out ideas that he run out of steam somewhere near the middle of a track and just says crazy or silly things to fill the track time. I'll buy his music he puts in some time with quality control and develops a complete idea.

why I download his music because he is fun to listen to (in the sense he sounds like he is enjoying recording these mixtapes and not just going through the motions), he has a few hot line(s) with each mixtape and his beats are good, if interesting. I would have never heard of Clams Casino if it wasn't for his "I'm God" track.

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