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2671518, well
Posted by ninjitsu, Fri Mar-09-12 09:31 AM
on don't be cruel

babyface did don't be cruel, roni, rock wit'cha, every little step
and teddy did my prerogative and i'll be good to you (though maybe this one is more gene griffin?)

so even though my prerogative is probably the best song on the album, you'd have to give babyface the edge due to quantity as well as quality.

on bobby

babyface did humpin' around, good enough, pretty little girl

teddy did damn near everything else, and it was all pretty good including bobby's duet with whitney, we got something in common

but i think babyface got him beat on the standout songs, but the standard of quality and quantity should give teddy the edge on this album.

overall, i think it's probably too close to call. maybe i'd give babyface the edge in a photo finish.